5 Best Movies in 2016 We Left Behind

We have crossed into 2017 and have already seen some great movies. Here are the top 5 movies to watch of the last year…

The Witchthe witch movie poster

The movie is directed by Robert Egger. It is about a family of pilgrims who are banished to the outskirts of a forest. The story tells how the homesick immigrants are adjusting to their New World and how the families turn on one another. It is a great horror movie to watch.


Zootopiazootopia movie poster

It is an animal kingdom where there are a feminist bunny and a rookie cop. She teams up with a fox who is a con man. They deal with politics and prejudices in a town which was once peaceful. You will love the images and vibrant ideas of this animation film.


The Jungle Bookthe jungle book movie poster

Director Jon Favreau brought this 1894 Rudyard Kipling story to the silver screen again with the 3D version. The movie has created visual miracles. It’s a great movie to enjoy with family.


The Nice Guysthe nice guys movie poster

It is a comedy movie about two detectives who are trying to find out about the mysterious death of a porn star. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling play the lead roles in the movie.


The Fits

Royalty Hightower, an 11-year-old the fits movie psoteractress, makes her debut in this film. You will love her acting skills. She plays the role of an Ohio kid who is learning to box at a Cincinnati community center. In the gym which is next door, she watches a group of girls dancing and everything about her life changes.

There are yet many films to come out this year. We hope we will see some more outstanding films towards the end of the year, which will be fighting for all the big awards.