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I came across a movie download site called… It is a movie download site which my buddy suggested to me a couple of months ago. The thing is, I used to rent tons of DVDs. While it is just a buck per movie, it does add up to some pretty good money each month.

It is a membership site that allows you to download tons of movies for free. The kicker is that it’s all legal and you won’t get in any trouble for downloading a ton of movies that you would like to watch.

Up until lately, they used to be very costly to join the site. But now they’ve sweetened the deal a lot more and also have dropped the price to a a lot more affordable $39.99, which is a enormous savings. Even though they offer a six month subscription that is only $29.99, I can truthfully say that shelling out the other $10 to get the 2 year membership is well worth the cost.

Rich Offers!

If you’re a movie buff like me then you’ll certainly enjoy all that they have to offer you. There is also software downloads that they give you, including label makers for your DVDs which they’ll show you how to burn to disc once you’ve got them downloaded. Yeah I know, no big deal, but a nice touch all the same.

There are several very well put together tutorials on how to use their software so that you will have no problem downloading the movies that you want right now and watching them immediately.

Not only does Movies Capital have movies that you can download, but they also offer audio CDs, and television shows and mini-series. So there’s almost no media that you won’t be able to find by using their unique and fantastic service.

To wrap things up I want to say, I highly recommend this service and the $39.95 price is fully refundable for 60 days if you are not happy with the service.
True, Netflix created the web based program super easy to use, it will take about thirty seconds to setup, and you may pick from more than 17,000 movies, available instantaneously. The image quality is great. You will have to have a high hpeed Internet connection, works with both PC and Mac. All of their unlimited plans include online streaming movies.

You can watch on your computer or an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and different Netflix enabled gadgets for example your Netlix enabled internet ready HDTV, video gaming consoles such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii, Roku, as well as the newest Blu-ray disc players.

Not all motion picture and television series are available to enjoy instantaneously. This has been the primary issue with a lot of people during the last year however the selection has grown a great deal. Every single day theyre adding titles to the streaming service and it has grown. Including both brand new and classic films and television shows.