7 Best Sites to Stream Live Sports Online


Sports enthusiasts and fanatics can really relate to this and if you are one of them you might want to check this article out to see which websites can let you enjoy your favourite sports show for free and without downloading.

On your cable provider, the live sports event comes in special packages that you need to pay extra bucks on top of your monthly billing. So why not visit free online movie site for free so you can watch your favourite sports shows live.

There are a lot of free online sites for you to watch sports but you have to be very careful in choosing as most of them do not offer much quality plus it has a lot of ads. But if you think it is still much better than paying extra money then see the sites that I will recommend to you below.

Criteria for Choosing the Sites

As previously said, choosing the site can be a bit tricky especially if you want to have it live stream.  But here are some recommended sites and these are the criteria that we based our ranking.

First, is sports. What we are looking for in a site is how many sports events, leagues, sports, site cover and competition it has. Next, is stream quality. This is a no-brainer, of course we want to check the video and audio quality of each streams. Lastly, the ADS. For me, it is necessary to include this as a lot of sites also have a lot of annoying ads.

The 7 Best Sites to Stream Sports for Free

1.)    LiveTV.sx– the website has a balance of aesthetic and functionality. They live tv sport streams logocover a lot of sports events and sports competitions. The live games can be seen in the broadcast tab or in the left sidebar. You can find a lot of links per match with good quality and language of the commentator. Aside from that, this free online movie sites got forum, fans club and video archives Their archive is a very good site extension as it has game highlights, goals and full matches all from the finished games.

2.)    FirstRowSport– it is a site that has a simple design but very well first row sports logoconcentrated on sport streams that are live or a free movie without downloading. It is easy for you to browse on this free online movie site as all covered sports you can just search on the search bar. Aside from that, you can view TV from most channels. The ads though can be very annoying and you have to close one by one to stream.

3.)    WiZiWiG.tv– this is one of the free online movies sites without wizwig logo streamdownloading for sport streaming. They have a huge community of followers and they cover a wide array of sports from big one to marginal ones.  Each match got a lot of streams with details. They also have beginners guide for newbies on how you can stream and use the site properly.

4.)    ROJADIRECTA– It is not one of the best designed website but you will be amazed on the database of the covered sports games and events on this site. You can stream in great quality and it is suitable if you have good internet connection.

rojadirecta logo

5.)    Laola1.tv– this is another free online movie site for sports streaming laola1 tv logowhich have all the rights legally to stream. However, they are not the great site for popular sports events as they are focused on leagues and sport which are less popular. They have a lot of sports match and even those sports cup from lower levels of competition.

6.)    SportLeamon.tv– the simplest designed site for free sport streaming. sport lemonYou can find almost sports event but you can watch games in the external’s software. It also has ads like other sites.

7.)    DrakulaStream.eu– this site is very popular for live sports streaming. In general, the site is good but this site got plenty of ads compared to other sites which can suck out your energy as you will browse for great quality.

Additional Steaming Software Sites

1.)    SopCast– one of the best software for broadcast and it is used best with sports. They have the best peer to peer technology and it is free. Just install it and you are ready to go.
2.)    Acestream– this is a newer software but very fast in spreading all over sports streaming sites. This is a combination of torrent technology and P2P. The installation is a bit tricky though.


All of the sites mentioned above are for free, no need for registration or credit card. Each sites have its own glitches especially the ads, but you just have to choose which one has lesser ads, and you have to check as to which site can give you what you want in live sports streaming.

The additional streaming software sites can help you as it can give you better streaming quality, none to small pop up ads and more stable streaming.